Is there any custom php code that lets me overwrite next_post_link so I can customize it to my liking? I can add code in functions.php

Right now it shows next post But I want to show something else


You can't easily change only the URL of that link, because there is no filter that will allow you to do that, but...

next_post_link uses get_next_post_link. There are no filters in any of these functions, but... get_next_post_link uses get_adjacent_post_link and inside of that function you can see {$adjacent}_post_link hook.

So now we can check docs for that hook. And then write some code:

function my_next_post_link($output, $format, $link, $post, $adjacent) {
    return '<a href="<MY LINK">MY LINK LABEL</a>';
add_filter( 'next_post_link', 'my_next_post_link', 10, 5 );

PS. Most likely you also have to add some conditions in there, so you don't change every link on your site and only the one you want to.

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