I tried debug plugins for WordPress, but they only show the current page SQL queries. How to debug if update_option returns false?

I am updating an object decoded from AJAX request with json_decode although I doubt it has anything to do with it.

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    it would be helpful to see code, something we can test, or anything.... – Milo Jan 13 at 16:18
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    Can you add the code where you register your ajax request handlers, the ajax function code and also the script where you actually call the action function. – Cyclonecode Jan 13 at 17:49

I found out that my settings where filtered by validation function registered by register_setting. Somehow I thought that it would only affect settings that where going through wordpress's own settings fields and not a custom AJAX function (the way I have it setup).

To the point of the question: I used php exit to debug the AJAX. update_option returned false because the options fields where the same after validation (I was missing out one particular setting)

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