After a few weeks of trying to find a good solution to create a Make & Model Relationship, Toolset was used, didn't work. Created 2 Custom Taxonomy with Pods, 1 called Make & 1 called Model. Couldn't get it to work either. I decided to just create 1 Attrbute called Make & Model.

Then created a list of terms with Make. So:

DAF Mercedes Volvo

I then created terms again, but this time the model. And then assigned that particluar Model to its parent.

Now this works in terms of I can assign products to the model, and also in terms of filtering. That works great.

But I have noticed when I look in the terms on the atrributes page, the Terms just appear alphabetically. And the same in the Product page, see screenshots attached.

I would also like a tab on the Single Product page to display as "this part also fits..." and have a list of Make & Models that that particular product is assigned to.

With Hierachy struture. So a little like this.

This Part Also fits

DAF -CF56 -CF65 Mercedes -Actros 1 -Acrtos 2 Volvo -SF25


Does that make sense?

If there is a better way of doing this, please can you explain how it could be done? As I say, I did try with Pods and create a Custom Taxonomy but got a little lost wit it. And Toolset was just way to complicated!

Thanks for your time, and advice if any.

Screenshot 1 SCreenshot 2

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