I made some changes to the theme and reverted it back but now the header is not displaying and the header image section is missing.

Customizer menu as of now

I even tried switching the theme but sill no header. I tried navigating to it from Appearance > Header but it just navigates to the customizer. Also the header image is present in theme/assets.

Any idea what's wrong?

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  • Never mind.. delete and reinstall theme worked.. Don't know why changing the theme wouldn't work though – Aditi Jan 12 at 8:11

Try using below code for adding logo

$wp_customize->add_setting( 'theme_logo' );
    new WP_Customize_Image_Control(
            'label' => 'Logo',
            'section' => 'Header',
            'settings' => 'theme_logo',
            'priority' => 1

This will cretae a new section header and you can have logo into it.

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