I'm currently using the "user role editor" pro plugin to restrict wp-admin features by user roles. I couldn't find any possibility to restrict media library upload by user roles.

What I want is to have 'editors' for example to only see the uploads in the media library which have been uploaded by them self or other 'editors' and restrict them to see the uploads from other user roles. The same should be done for some other user roles.

Is this possible or are there any plugins for it?

The only plugins I found were limiting access to view your own uploaded media but not to limit media to a user role

  • Welcome to WPSE, first of all, asking help with a plugin is not a question for this forum. Support and docs you find at the address of the plugin developer(s). Secondly is there always a way to use code to add caps or to remove them. The upload_files is the cap you are looking for. To restrict roles to see some uploaded by others is another. Users on WPSE can help you by problems you have with coding not by finding a plugin. – Charles Jan 14 at 14:50

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