I am designing a wordpress blog where you click on the title of the post and the content of the post opens up from the right side of the website. I was wondering if it was possible to have multiple the_content() tags in the post that referenced the first (newest), second, third, fourth etc. posts. Here is my code so far, the content would exist in the "project-single" div and the titles would appear in the "blog-post-title":


<?php get_header(); ?>

        if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();

            get_template_part( 'content', get_post_format() );

        endwhile; endif; 


   <div class="blog-post">
                <ul id="projects">
                        <span class="blog-post-title"><?php the_title(); ?></span><span class="blog-post-meta"><?php the_date(); ?> by <a href="#"><?php the_author(); ?></a></span>
            <div id="project-single">
                <div class="inner-single">
                    <?php the_content(); ?>

<br><!-- /.blog-post -->

javascript (for the animation of the content opening from right:

    var singleSize = 45;
var open = false;
var newGlobalWidth = 100 - singleSize;

$('li').click(function () {

    if(!open) {
        open = true;
    }else {


function openPage(thus){
    // console.log($(thus).data('project'));
    $('.inner-header').animate({ padding: '0'});

    $('.inner-global').animate({width: newGlobalWidth + '%' }, 500, function() {
         $( ".inner-single" ).delay( 200 ).animate({ opacity: 1}, 200);


function closePage(thus){
    $( ".inner-single" ).css({ 'opacity': '0'});
    $('.global').animate({width: 100 + '%' }, 200);
    $('.inner-header').animate({ padding: '0 15vw 1vw'});

    open = false;

Thanks for your time and patience! I'm new to this but having fun learning!

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