I'm creating a photo gallery page for our "Author" user roles and I want to simplify the process of uploading photos. Right now, you can upload photos by doing this steps be selecting Add New Post and then:

  1. Add Media
  2. Create Gallery
  3. Upload Files
  4. Drag or Select Files (to upload)
  5. Create New Gallery

Sure, expert WP users would find this very easy. But for new ones, it's a bit long.

Is there a way that after pressing the "Add Media" button you are automatically in the Create Gallery tab (not selecting the Create Gallery tab on the left).

Also, is there a way to remove the other tabs on the left (Add Media, Create Audio Playlist, Create Video Playlist, Featured Image, Insert from URL)? And also the Media Library tab because I don't want "author" users to see other photos from other authors.

I've tried plugins like Adminize and Admin Tweaks but it only modifies the main admin links, inside the post-new.php.

Basically, I want the Add Media window to look like this for Author user roles:

enter image description here

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