I need to make a "terms of use" page. The only way I see to do so involves the user needing to manually add a page in the admin. But I need to implement it as an integral part of the theme. Is there a way to create a custom template file and create a link that will que Wordpress to access it without needing to manually add a page for it? Is there a way to programaticaly add pages to a wordpress site through the theme's functions.php file.

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There is no need to create a new template file in order to create a terms of use page. I implemented what I need by simply modifying index.php. The "terms of use" page is accessed by linking to http://homeurl?section=terms. Then add php code in index.php to check if $_Get["section"] == 'terms'. If so display the markup for "terms of use". If not then, display the regular home page.

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