I am looking for a way to do some conditional logic on terms associated with a post.

Essentially I created my own custom taxonomy for "age groups" and have created three terms for them. Kids, Teens, Adults... In the admin area I want to check the terms which apply to a specific post and on the frontend of the site within my page template I want to show a specific image if the term was associated with the post or a different one if the term was not associated.

Does anyone have a solution for this... I thought the following code example would work but it does not. (BTW - what I am doing here is changing the image based off css).

<li id="kids-<?php if ( is_term( 'Kids' , 'age_groups' ) ) {
   echo 'on';
} else {echo 'off';} ?>">Kids Programs</li>

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Hi @NetConstructor:

First thing, assuming your logic worked you can use the ternary operator to simplify your example:

<li id="kids-<?php echo is_term('Kids','age_groups') 
   ? 'on' : 'off'; ?>">Kids Programs</li>

The issue seems to be that is_term() is used to check if a term exists, not if it is associated with a particular post. I think what you really want is is_object_in_term() (which assumes that you are in The Loop, i.e. that $post has an appropriate value):

<li id="kids-<?php echo is_object_in_term($post->ID,'age_groups','Kids') 
   ? 'on' : 'off'; ?>">Kids Programs</li>

P.S. Assuming is_term() had been the right function, it has actually been deprecated; term_exists() replaces is_term(); just fyi.

  • this worked perfectly. Thanks!.... I knew there must have been a simple solution for what I was looking for. Oct 25, 2010 at 6:55
  • @NetConstructor - Glad it helped! Oct 25, 2010 at 7:44

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