I am using acf_form() for user login process. I am doing login process using Ajax and everything is done inside wordpress’ ajax callback function.

so I inserted a hidden field inside the form by acf/input/form_data action hook:

add_action('acf/input/form_data', 'shp_ajax_acf_login_input',100,1);
function shp_ajax_acf_login_input($args){
    if(is_admin() || (isset($args['post_id']) && $args['post_id'] != 'shp_ajax_acf_login'))

    echo '<input type="hidden" name="action" value="shp_ajax_acf_login_ajax_submit" />';
    echo '<input type="hidden" name="test_name" value="test_value" />';

when I check the DOM using inspect element, both hidden fields exist inside the form. but when I press the login button I expect the $_POST data include action: shp_ajax_login_ajax_func but this value is replaced by acf’s defult "action: acf/validate_save_post" when data is sending.

How can I send my own action value in current case.

Thanks in advance.

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