I would like to rewrite SKUs generated by WooCommerce Product SKU Generator and prefix them with the vendor slug from WooCommerce Product Vendors into the following format: [Vendor Slug][Generated SKU]. E.g. 'GT1234', 'JD1235', etc... If the product author is not a vendor or the order is not associated with a vendor, the prefix should default to 'XX'.

Main difficulty for me is retrieving the vendor slug for the user adding the new product. How would I go about doing that? Anything to get me going is appreciated!

function filter_wc_sku_generator_sku( $product_sku, $product ) {

    $vendor_slug = '???'
    if (!$vendor_slug) {
        $product_sku = 'XX' . $product_sku;
    } else {
        $product_sku = $vendor_slug . $product_sku;
    return $product_sku;
add_filter( 'wc_sku_generator_sku', 'filter_wc_sku_generator_sku', 10, 2 );

There's a class WC_Product_Vendors_Utils that you can use e.g.

$vendor = WC_Product_Vendors_Utils::is_vendor_product( $item["product_vendors_product_id"] ); //replace this with the product ID

    if ( ! empty( $vendor[0] ) ) {
        $vendor_data = WC_Product_Vendors_Utils::get_vendor_data_by_id( $vendor[0]->term_id ); 

        if ( ! empty( $vendor_data ) ) {
            $vendor_slug = $vendor_data['slug']; // I am not sure of the correct value here but you can var_dump() just to make sure

Hope that will help you start generating the SKU properly :)

  • Thanks Junnel! That did it. The correct value was indeed 'slug'. After getting the product ID, everything's working great now :) – Gion Tummers Jan 7 at 22:14
  • You're welcome ;) – Junnel Gallemaso Jan 8 at 3:05

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