I'm trying to get category list by specified first character.

For example if specified character query is "A", then just wanna list categories start with "A".

How is it possible?

global $wpdb; // In case it's in a function...
$parent = 0; // Change to dig deeper in tree
        t1.`term_id`, /* The ID */
        t1.`name`, /* The name */
        t1.`slug`, /* The slug */
        t2.`parent`, /* The parent ID */
        t2.`count` /* The item Count */
        {$wpdb->terms} AS t1,
        {$wpdb->term_taxonomy} AS t2
        (t1.`term_id` = t2.`term_id`) /* Join tables on term_id */
        AND (t2.`taxonomy` = 'category') /* Make sure we get category taxonomy */
        /* Change parent (remove) according to your needs to dig deeper */
        AND (t2.`parent` = {$parent}) /* Remove to get all, not just top level */
        /* Remove the BINARY for case-insensitive comparison (both A and a) */
        AND (t1.`name` LIKE BINARY 'A%');

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