I have a custom login, in which I have 2 apis: The first to post a user phone, and the second to post the user pin to verify the phone.

The main issues is that these 2 apis, which has the following url (domain.com/api/user/verify_phone) are not working because they are redirected to the /login page.

When I call the same url after the user is authenticated it works... but I need it before the login of course. How can I do that? Please help!

I may found that the bug in the functions.php on the theme, there I have created a function to handle all the redirections of the login, this is the code:

function login_redirect(){
global $pagenow;
     if( 'wp-admin' != preg_split('/\//',$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])[1] ){
        if(preg_split('/\//',$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])[1] == '/api/'){
        }else if( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] != '/login/') {
            if (!checkUserStatus()){

So with these I try to redirect all call to make sure users log in and I tried to make the apis call go through but there are still giving a 302 redirection error. PLEASE HELP!

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    How are those APIs implemented? There's no code in your question – Tom J Nowell Jan 6 '19 at 2:33

I think this is just a slight mistake on your "if" condition

$result = preg_split('/\//','domain.com/api/user/verify_phone');

Results in:

array(4) {
  string(10) "domain.com"
  string(3) "api"
  string(4) "user"
  string(12) "verify_phone"

So the result at [1] is "api", but you are checking for "/api/" on the fourth line of your code sample.

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