there are 3 types of comments in the woocommerce reviews tab: reviews(for customers who bought already), questions (for those who don't bought yet) and comments (it's the reply from shop manager). But I don't know how to output questions and their corresponding comments in the same list like:

Question 1 - Comment 1 --Comment 1.1 Question 2 - Comment 2

while there are some other comments (reply) for reviews. My code is:

<ol class="commentlist">
        <?php wp_list_comments( array(
                'callback'     => 'wc_product_reviews_XH_contributions',
                'max_depth'    => 2,

'type' => 'questions', 'end-callback' => 'wc_product_reviews_XH_comment_form', ) ); ?>

In this case I only get the questions without comments below. I changed the code into:

$comments = get_comments( array(
'type__in' => array('questions','comments'),
'status' => 'approve',

) );

<ol class="commentlist">
        <?php wp_list_comments( array(
                'callback'     => 'wc_product_reviews_XH_contributions',
                'max_depth'    => 2,
                'end-callback' => 'wc_product_reviews_XH_comment_form',
            )  , $comments); ?>

However, I get all comments including those below reviews.

Is there anyway to only get those questions with their comments?



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