After updating to WordPress 5 and creating a new post, I can add a title, but how do I edit the slug or permalink?

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To view and edit the slug, you need to be in the Code Editor view.

  • Click on the Show more tools button on the upper right corner of the toolbar and click on Code Editor


  • Click on the title and the slug/permalink will appear above.


In either Visual or Code Editor, clicking on the title also shows the permalink on the sidebar.


  • The permalink box may not appear until the post has been published. May 7, 2019 at 21:28
  • Also, if you're working on a brand new site, you'll need to make sure a slug-based Permalink Structure is saved, otherwise, Gutenberg may hide slug related fields. Apr 14, 2020 at 18:26
  • For custom post types, slug can only be edited if public is set to true and rewrite enabled in the registering arguments Jun 20, 2020 at 14:21
  • Does this actually work on new posts before publishing them? I'm not seeing how to change the permalink or slug prior to publishing.
    – Garconis
    Jan 25, 2021 at 21:13

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