A theme that I am using is overwriting the woocommerce templates with files in theme/core/libraries/vendor/woocommerce/templates folder.

I tried to overwrite some minor stuff by following the best practices - I placed the updated file in the same folder structure as the parent theme, and I also tried by placing it in theme_child/woocommerce/ folder as it's expected for plugin overwrites.

None of these gave me the desired outcome. The only way is to change the parent theme, which I want to prevent if possible.

My end goal is to change the HTML output which as far as I can see is in the template and not in any specific function that I can easily replace. I am not experienced in WP development so I might be missing some obscure detail.

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Try creating the same structure in your child theme.


  • I mentioned that this was the first thing that I tried and it did not help.
    – Stoinov
    Commented Jan 4, 2019 at 19:29

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