Creating a WooCommerce site that sells truck parts.

Products are organised into product categories. Lighting > Bulbs etc.

I need a way to store Make and Model of Truck and then assign a product to both Make & Model and then the product categories.

What is the best way to do this?

I am using toolset and have created 2 CPT. Make and another Model. Which then has a relationship.

But I then need a front-end filter. So user would select Lighting > Bulb > Make and Model. And it filters just the products within all the selected.

Is it possible in WordPress to have relationships between 2 taxonomys? Or is the above the only proper way to do it?

And is there a plugin out there that can filter post types?

So on the sidebar there would be.

Category Make Model

And then choosing DAF (make) and then CF65 (model) would show products just for that one truck?

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