I have used Bulkpress plugin to be able to upload 700+ product categories.

Now I wanted to create menu item 'Apple' and there will be a dropdown with all the Apple models (subcategories) listed once someone hover their mouse.

Same thing with other Phone brands like HTC, Samsung etc.

All of the menu items should drop down and show all the phone models available.

Now when I want to create this menu items, inside Admin>Appearance>menu

there is "Product categories" dropdown on the left but it only shows child categories and only few parent categories. I have imported loads of them using Bulkpress and when I open Bulkpress, those categories are there in nice order too. Categories are also shown when going to: Products>Product categories

Except I am unable to add them as menu item. Also the ones that work to add them into main-menu, are non of those created using Bulkpress. I wonder if wordpress is able to use it.

http://sendvid.com/rcttnbix is video where you can see above.

Any help appreciated!

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