The current setup

We have a domain - abcxyz.com and different sub-domains as below

  1. business.abcxyz.com - this has a standalone WP install (on a server A) with a customized theme (say A)
  2. www.abcxyz.com - this is our main website with a customized theme (say B) (on a server B)
  3. staging.abcxyz.com - this was initially the WP working directory (on server B) used for testing. Now that the testing is done, we mapped *www" to server B IP and changed WP urls from staging.abcxyz.com to www.abcxyz.com
  4. abcxyz.com

cPanel config is as below

  • business.abcxyz.com - "A" record mapped to server A ip
  • abcxyz.com - "A" record mapped to server B ip
  • www.abcxyz.com - "CNAME" record mapped to abcxyz.com
  • staging.abcxyz.com - "A" record mapped to server B ip

The Requirement

We want to move all over sites to server B and into a working WP multisite sub-domain network.

  • When visitors open abcxyz.com it should always open www.abcxyz.com
  • When visitors open www.abcxyz.com it should always open www.abcxyz.com
  • When visitors open business.abcxyz.com it should always open business.abcxyz.com
  • When visitors open staging.abcxyz.com it should always open staging.abcxyz.com

Finally there should be a network admin dashboard with listings of www, business and staging sites

The Problem

I tried using WP Beginners guide for multisite network - Guide Link but was unable to figure out how to separate the plugins. Any site created using the setup mentioned in the guide led to all plugins installed for site. We want to keep the plugins separate for all the three sites.

Can someone help me or guide me in the right direction.

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