I'm currently using this code within my plugin on a custom widgets textarea to enable codemirror.

(function ($) {
        $(document).ready( function(){
              var coinmedi_es_<?php echo $wid_id; ?> = wp.codeEditor.defaultSettings ? _.clone( wp.codeEditor.defaultSettings ) : {};
                coinmedi_es_<?php echo $wid_id; ?>.codemirror = _.extend(
                    coinmedi_es_<?php echo $wid_id; ?>.codemirror,
                        mode: 'htmlmixed',
                        lineNumbers: true,
                        indentUnit: 2,
                        tabSize: 2,

            var cm_editor_<?php echo $wid_id; ?> = wp.codeEditor.initialize($('#<?php echo $textarea_id; ?>') , coinmedi_es_<?php echo $wid_id; ?> );

            $(document).on('keyup', '.CodeMirror-code', function(){
                $('#<?php echo $textarea_id; ?>').html(cm_editor_<?php echo $wid_id; ?>.codemirror.getValue());
                $('#<?php echo $textarea_id; ?>').trigger('change');


Everything is working fine for HTML but when I try to add javascript eg.

<script> alert('1') </script>

It accepts the javascript and highlights as it should but when I click the save button nothing is posted for this textarea. When I remove the javascript it saves as it should. Where am I going wrong, I can't seem to pinpoint why it's not saving. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Update method

$instance['ad-code'] = ( ! empty( $new_instance['ad-code'] ) ) ? $new_instance['ad-code'] : '';
  • What's the update method of your widget? – Jacob Peattie Dec 30 '18 at 14:38
  • Added the line for the update method, problem is it doesn't get that far because the data that is sent is blank on the field whenever JS is added, if I remove the JS it works fine. – Second2None Dec 30 '18 at 14:43

did you try :

1) to wrap javascript in CDATA ?


2) change mode to javascript (instead of mode: 'htmlmixed')

  • Still clears unfortunately. – Second2None Jan 2 at 23:09
  • @Second2None I've updated the answer, with second possible solution. – T.Todua Jan 3 at 7:50
  • Sorry mate no luck, it accepts basic javascript(var test = 'test';) but not imported scripts or html (which is why I was using htmlmixed). I assume I'm missing some sort of javascript check / function that is clearing codemirror on possible disallowed html / js. I'm just not sure where. – Second2None Jan 3 at 8:13

The problem came down to using .html and injecting html directly into Codemirror, specifically this line:

$('#<?php echo $textarea_id; ?>').html(cm_editor_<?php echo $wid_id; ?>.codemirror.getValue());

Changing this to .text corrected the issue by encoding the html / js

$('#<?php echo $textarea_id; ?>').text(cm_editor_<?php echo $wid_id; ?>.codemirror.getValue());

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