I need to use the html entity $ instead of plain $ in my posts.

I use the Wordpress Classic editor.

I know that tinyMCE, with good intentions, alters its content when switching between HTML and Visual view.

How I am approaching the problem:

I added this to my functions.php

// Avoid tinyMCE mess when HTMl and Visual switch
function override_mce_options($initArray) {
    $opts = '*[*]';
    $initArray['valid_elements'] = $opts;
    $initArray['extended_valid_elements'] = $opts;
    $initArray['entities'] = $initArray['entities'] . ',169,copy,174,reg,8482,trade,8480,#8480,8364,euro,dollar';
    return $initArray;
add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', 'override_mce_options');

But it won't work.

Entities are still being replaced when switching the views.

Interestingly, the symbol < gets replaced to its entity &lt;. I do not want that same behaviour. Sometimes I do need the plain $ sign (because LaTeX).

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