Bit of a vague question and I'm certain that everyone will say "Use reusable blocks", but I'm hoping I'm just missing something.

So a use case is,

I feature a case study on my homepage, and I want to pull the testimonial block from that case study (a custom post type); So that I only have to maintain the text in one place. No problem, that's what the reusable blocks are for.

My issue is, if I wanted to change the featured case study shown on the home page, I would have to:

  1. Go to the new case study and set a new reusable block up
  2. Go to every page with the old reusable block and set the new one
  3. Remove the old reusable block (else eventually I'll end up with hundreds)

Or am I wrong, (Remember that each case study will have a unique testimonial; so it wouldn't be a case of changing the text in the current reusable as that would change it on the initial case study correct?)

Now for me, this isn't too difficult, but moving forward on client sites, the whole process would be far too confusing for them (I mean, most seem to have trouble adding text to a box).

Basically, is there a way to get a specific block from a specified page, without jumping through hoops? Ya'know like select a post, get a list of blocks in the post, then select the block you want?


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