I have a hierarchical custom taxonomy "company".

Companies are hierarchical, they can have both owners and subsidiaries. So, some of my "company" terms have parents and children. Take this real example of a set of my "company" terms

  • WPP
    • 24/7 realmedia
    • AKQA
    • GroupM
      • Finecast
      • Group M Entertainment
      • Maxus
      • MEC
      • MediaCom
      • Modi Media
      • Real Media Group
      • Xaxis
    • JWT
    • Kantar
      • Kantar Media
      • TNS Media Intelligene
    • Millward Brown
    • Ogilvy
      • Ogilvy Entertainment
    • Possible
    • VML
    • Wavemaker
    • Wunderman

What I'd like to do, on a company term page, is to show the full corporate tree, as above, in order to situate the term in its full hierarchical context.

That goes not just for the top-most term, eg. "WPP", but also a mid-hierarchy child or grand-child, eg. "GroupM" or "Ogilvy Entertainment.

I don't mean all terms in the "company" taxonomy, I mean all terms up and down from the given term, including children of upper terms.

In other words, for any term, spin back up to the top-most parent and display all sub terms properly, in an indented HTML list - preferably with something unique applied to the current term title, eg. no get_term_link applied.

What I have so far is the following...

      // Parents
      $parent_args = array(
        'inclusive' => 'false'
      echo get_term_parents_list( $organisation->term_id, 'company', $parent_args );

      // Children
      $org_children = get_term_children( $organisation->term_id, 'company' ); // Get child terms of this

      echo '<ul class="list-unstyled">';
      foreach ( $org_children as $org_child ) {
        $child_term = get_term_by( 'id', $org_child, 'company' );
        $child_id_prefixed = 'company_'. $child_term->term_id;
                if (empty(get_field( 'domain', $child_id_prefixed ))) {
                    $favicon = 'null';
                } else {
                    $favicon = get_field( 'domain', $child_id_prefixed );

        echo '<li><small><img src="https://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain='. $favicon.'" width="12" class="mr-2"><a href="' . get_term_link( $org_child, 'company' ) . '">' . $child_term->name . '</a></small></li>';
      echo '</ul>';

Which produces this...

enter image description here

However, this:

  1. Is a two-step process, in which I get parents and then children (I'd prefer a singular process).
  2. The output is not an indented list.

So, how to show all possible parents and children of a hierarchical taxonomy term?


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