I tried:

                wp_update_term($personid, 'category', array(
                  'name' => $_POST['nameChange'],
                  'slug' => $string,
                  '_city' => $_POST['newDob'],

Where _city is my category custom field.

This is how I retrieve it:

$fields =  get_term_meta( $cat->cat_ID ); 
$newDob = $fields['_city'][0];

But I am not sure how to I can change it on front end, these two are working and updating

'name' => $_POST['nameChange'],
'slug' => $string,

But not '

'_city' => $_POST['newDob'],

I followed the docs

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wp_update_term does not support custom fields so you will need to use update_term_meta instead.

update_term_meta($personid, '_dob', $_POST['newDob']);
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    ah, too late ;)
    – am_
    Dec 19, 2018 at 13:48

Not sure about where your custom field is coming from, but usually it should be stored in the term_meta database table.

You´d have to use update_term_meta:


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