Hired to implement a B2B store with wordpress & woocommerce. I am asked to bend woocommerce into what the owner wants. Iwould like to know if this plan is obtainable with woocommerce.

1) The company has over 20K products, but they don't want to 20K worth of product records in woocommerce. Instead, they want to make the product record into a generic product catalog record. A typical part has a part key of X999-999-9999{-XX} (last 2 alpha is optional) and the 1st four characters is what he wants to make into a product record. The prefix doesn't really make the product catalog unique, but that is what they want and it would narrow things to about 1K of product records.

2) The actual product#, stock levels, customer pricing would be pulled by way of either curl or wordpress http api. The owner believe's we could limit the amount of records returned by the api by using this catalog prefix and by way of sending other filtering information back to the external database.

3) Is it even possible to process external product records returned by the API? Can the product records returned be added to a temporary file and queried in the same manner as regular post type records? Can these products be added to the cart if each catalog search creates a temporary file?

4) The owner doesn't seem to care if the customer can see past orders or not, but I can almost guarantee customers will want to see their order history.

5) Finally when the customer proceeds to checkout another api call will have to be made to send back the order information for processing on the back-end system.

Appreciate any advice/feedback on this topic.

  • it can be done. it's not a cheap build though. I did something similar for shop.hubbardtonforge.com at my last job, that outlet site is all a single woocommerce product that we modify when it's added to the cart to appear as the item we want, they have a cron job running an importer to populate custom tables with their product data but the filtering process should be pretty similar. It was not a quick and easy job though. All together I think we spent probably 200 hours on that site. Good luck! – mrben522 Dec 19 '18 at 16:45

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