please help me out fixing this..

I want a BUY NOW button next to ADD TO CART, and when the buy now button is clicked, a pop up showing the product price, and a form to be completed by the user will be shown.

After completing it, those info should be visible to the site admin, the product must not be added to the cart ( if he had 2 products in the cart before clicking the BUY NOW button, after completion, those two must be the only products to remain there too)

NB: I have tried these plugins already;

  1. Yith one time checkout: this works only if a client is logged in, and my target here are non logged in users. Otherwise this was the perfect one.

  2. Stripe one click checkout plugin by Woocommerce: Stripe works only in 26 countries, mine isn't one of them.

  3. Paypal one click checkout plugin by store apps: this one is a premium one, and it seems to be expensive.

Any plugin or code snippets that can make it work is accepted

Does any of you have a better solution guys, please help me out. Thanks

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