I'm doing a custom login and register page and the login portion has gone smoothly as I can redirect errors back to my custom page because of how wordpress handles this (such as appending the issue to the login query var); however the register portion is a little harder.

I'm submitting my custom form to the same registration handler, that being: wp-login.php?action=register but the URL doesn't change if there is an error.

So I'm wondering if there is a way to be able to find out the error and then redirect back to my page - such as perhaps maybe a hook you can hook into that runs after the errors and has access to the error messages or codes and then I can redirect back to my page with a query var with the error code, or even do a POST back if needed.

What are my options here? Is anything like that available or am I going to have to go down the route of registering the user myself!?

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