I want to redirect the same directory, but different url structure. The url structure I use: http:example.com/car/cadillac/image/2

I want to direct http: example.com/car/cadillac/image/ url. Because this url is 404. I want to redirect to http: example.com/car/cadillac/

(In fact, the problem comes from the "image" link structure: How to change the permalink structure of a master page?) As an alternative, I thought about the routing rule. But the cpanel 301 redirect is not successful.

http: example.com/car/cadillac/image/ How can we redirect the URL to http: example.com/car/cadillac/ ?

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The easiest way to do is by using Redirection plugin. Follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Head to Tools > Redirection.
  3. Enter your Source URL (example.com/car/cadillac/image/) and Target URL (http: example.com/car/cadillac/).
  4. Finally, click on "Add Redirection" button.

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