I have this issue, where I have made a function on my wordpress website (under Theme Functions.php), which then uses a shortcode to present on the front end. Now, I want to obfuscate the shortcode, as it contains some info which I do not want displayed. I am able to complete the obfuscation, but when I copy and paste it into the page of my website, it displays as the shortcode, meaning that the shortcode does not "execute".

Here is my function:

function question_func_wpse_88192($atts, $content = null ){
extract( shortcode_atts( array(
    'text' => '',
    'answer' => '',
    'message' => 'Right answer!',
    'messageid' => 'message', 
), $atts ) );

// format input:

// inline js:

// html output:
$output  = "<div class=\"question\">";
$output .= "<span class=\"question_text\">".$text."</span>";
$output .= "<input type=\"text\" class=\"question_input\"";
$output .= " onkeyup=\"".$onkeyup."\" />";
$output .= "<span id=\"".$messageid."\" class=\"question_message\" style=\"display:none;\">".$message."</span>";
$output .= "</div>";

return $output;

Here is my shortcode:

[question text="What has four legs?" answer="Horse" message="Right answer!" 
messageid="message1" ]

Is there a way to obfuscate this shortcode without making it not function like it would without obfuscation? If not, is there a way where I can do a textbox validation (like a PHP form?). I need to have a textbox, which if some value is inputted, with result in either an error message, or a correct message.

Thanks, and if any clarification is needed, just ask!


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