I have installed fresh Wordpress 5.0 with twenty nineteen theme. In admin panel for home page below colors setting a link to setting background image should be visible. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxAMjGC4z08 (41th second).

screenshot from my Wordpress

What is wrong with my Wordpress?



It's not present because it's not supposed to be present, it was removed.

While originally added to the theme, it was deliberately removed due to accessibility concerns, see https://github.com/WordPress/twentynineteen/issues/708 which is the same question but on GitHub

Keep in mind that the video you linked to is not the final version of the theme, but a WIP version mid-development prior to its final release


There's nothing wrong. This option doesn't exist in Twenty Nineteen. The video you've linked is from 2 months before its release, and doesn't represent the final product.

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