I have a grouped product called Pizzas, and I need to link more than 30 ingredients to this product "Simple products", Woocommerce currently has that option available, one adds three letters in the text field and shows me a list of all available products to link.


There are too many ingredients "Simple products" that I have to group the product pizza, in total there will be about 50 ingredients to link, and they are more than 70 types of pizzas, I would have to do that task manually and it is very extensive.


  1. Is there a way to make this process faster?
  2. Any plugins that can show me the list of all the ingredients as in the form of Checkbox?
  3. Any way to do this with code "Actions or Hooks", that show me all the products listed with a checkbox next to select them more quickly?
  4. Some way to do it directly from MySQL with a query, for example that an insert is made in the table where these options are saved.

I appreciate your help very much, please.

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