I can not change the background-color value of <wp: meta_value>

I'm trying to change by css the value of background-color in the class that is automatically generated by the Visual Composer called:


with this:

.vc_custom_1510991353768 {
    background-color: #006e48 !important;

But, my styles.css of child theme does not recognize because it is owned by , according to the code referenced below:

    <wp:meta_value><![CDATA[.vc_custom_1510991353768{background-color: #22355b !important;}]]></wp:meta_value>

I already try this (Custom colors for post rows based on post meta value ), but this dont work for me.

I need help, thanks in advance


I got it by following this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40537370/override-inline-css thanks guys

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