The WP site will have illustrations that will play embedded videos on-click.

Challenge: I need to run clickable preroll and postroll ads (images) to the videos. These ads should run for 3-5 second before the video starts and after the video ends. All of the ads will be added to the DB by me, and it should rotate the ads automatically whenever somebody clicks the link to see a video. I need it to rotate about 500 ads in the table they are located in the DB.

(The function is similair to the preroll/postroll of YouTube, but with images only, and the images is self hosted)

Problem: I have searched for an approach for this now for the past week or so ,without any luck. I have not done anything like this before, so I am a bit lost right now.

Question: Do any of you bright minds have a solution to this challenge or pheraps a nudge in the right direction?

I know there is tons of AD management plugins out there but I have yet to find one that suits the needs of this website, with automatic rotation on custom self hosted ads.

I don't have any code to add as thats the problem here, that I don't know where to start, basically.

Anything that will help me get going with this would be much appreciated.

  • Less than a year ago I was trying out various ad plugins, none really had what I needed. Also, all of the more popular ones were in filter lists by AdBlock/uBlock, so basically worthless. Ended up changing an existing plugin so much, it would have made more sense to develop it myself from the beginning. So my advice: create the plugin yourself. If you can't but have time, learn how to, if you can't and don't have time, hire someone – kero Dec 7 at 11:06

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