I want to secure main logic of my wordpress plugin. Only solution i got except encryption and obscurification is by making an archived file of my plugin source files via php phar but how and is it even possible ?

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    Why? Doesn't your plugin need to be licenced under GPL and don't we have a right to the source code then? – kero Dec 6 at 14:54
  • actually i want to secure the logic of my plugin so that no one else can replicate my work – Subhan Sunny Dec 7 at 9:10
  • That's not the WordPress way (at least not mine). Not a lawyer, still unsure if this is still in terms of GPL. Depending on what your code is supposed to do: create an API hosted in your own environment, then call the API from your plugin. Anything that happens within the API is unknown and not subject of the GPL – kero Dec 7 at 11:08

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