I've created a sitemap successfully using wp Realtime sitemap. I've read their instructions and made pages. but i want to show this sitemap horizontally which i attached .I created this sitemap using wp-realtime-sitemap plugin.Can anyone suggest me some plugins for doing sitemap horizontally? enter image description here

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    What have you tried so far? If I search for "css list horizontal" links like this, this or this come up, showing various methods to do this – kero Dec 5 at 11:13
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    Welcome to WPSE, anondi. You may need to edit your question so people can give you a relevant answer. As @kero asked, what you have you tried so far? Include that in your question. Give a starting point based on something that shows you've made some original effort. – butlerblog Dec 5 at 12:53
  • post a link to you page, I will send you CSS that will make it look horizontal – dado Dec 6 at 11:17
  • website hasn't been published over the internet ...I'm doing this task on local server(xamp/wamp) – Anondi Dec 7 at 5:29
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This problem has been solved by writing custom css. Thank you all

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