hello dear Wordpress and experts,

just a question regarding the multilang. capabilities of wordpress: how to use them ?

just planning a new Webseite with different languages WordPress offers different plugins that support languages

  • qTranslate X
  • MultilingualPress
  • WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)

but am only in need of for to five different languages - i guess that i do not need a translating machine.

i only need to get a support of the following methods and options...:

mydomain.com/de/category_1/subcategory_1/item_1/ mydomain.com/en/category_1/subcategory_1/item_1/ mydomain.com/fr/category_1/subcategory_1/item_1/ mydomain.com/it/category_1/subcategory_1/item_1/

question: can i use some special WP-(Plugin) or Konfigurations-functionality here

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