I've migrated my website to WordPress a while ago and it's been going really well.

I'm planning to migrate my CRM from an ugly Odoo/Zoho combination (don't ask) to Salesforce and Salesforce makes it really easy to do web to lead but on WordPress it seems alot harder than I expected.

The problem is very straightforward:

  • Salesforce expects some particular fields POSTed to a Salesforce URL.
  • As long as the fieldnames look good and the data has been validated, Salesforce will happily create a Lead as a result of the form submission.
  • The problem is that whilst Elementor and wpforms allow you to add fields and set the Label of the field, they don't let you set the actual form field names which are rendered within the html.

For example:

  • On Elementor first_name becomes form_fields[first_name]
  • On wpforms you can't even define field names, only labels and default values

My instinct was to hack html myself but when I try all I see is the opening paragraph of text on the page that uses the form, none of the html for the form itself.

If anyone has any useful suggestions, that would be much appreciated. Having to use Zapier seems like a waste.

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