I use Divi from elegantthemes.com there is a Lang folder in my parent wordpress theme; I added my own .mo file in the child-theme using load_theme_textdomain. but there is another file located in /includes/builder/languages parent theme directory. how I can add another .mo file to my child to take effect on this part? thanks for your help.

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its because there was different domain! I added another load_theme_textdomain and it works now.

function my_lang_function() {
     load_theme_textdomain( "Divi", get_stylesheet_directory() . "/lang" );
     load_theme_textdomain( "et_builder", get_stylesheet_directory() . "/lang/builder" );
add_action( "after_setup_theme", "my_lang_function" );

its my code in function.php of child-theme. is anything wrong with this code?

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