Im using Listify Theme with WP Job Manager Paid Listings. Now I need to sort the Listings with the Subscription Level (I have Platinum, Gold, and Silver). I am currently modifying the plugin's code but still don't work. I need to know if it is possible to sort the Listings using their _package_id meta value that will connect to the ID of Products(Subscription) post type (Woocommerce).

This is my current custom arguments for Listings:

function xyz_custom_orderby_query_args( $query_args ) {

            $args = array(
                    // Type & Status Parameters
                'post_type'   => 'products',    

                    // Order & Orderby Parameters
                'order'               => 'DESC',
                'orderby'             => 'meta_value',
                    // Pagination Parameters
                'posts_per_page'         => -1,
                    // Custom Field Parameters
                'meta_key'       => '_priority',
                'meta_value'     => 'value',
                'meta_compare'   => 'EXISTS',

            $query = new WP_Query( $args );

            $query_args['meta_query'] =  array(
                'relation' => 'AND',
                'query_one' => array(
                    'key' => '_package_id',
                     'compare' => 'EXISTS', // Optional
                'query_two' => array(
                    'key' => '_average_rating',
            $query_args['orderby'] = array(
                'query_one' => 'DESC', // sort by numerical custom field  
                'query_two' => 'DESC', // sort by numerical custom field           
                'title' => 'ASC',


            return $query_args;

        add_filter( 'get_job_listings_query_args', 'xyz_custom_orderby_query_args', 99 );

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