For reference, the site I'm working on is available here:

This site has simple and subscription products. When I add a simple product to the cart, such as a bag of coffee, the cart updates and the "added to cart" popup appears. The subscription products behaved this way too until today when I updated Wordpress & WooCommerce. Now, as you can see, adding subscription products to the cart doesn't do anything. I've pulled the site down and swapped theme, and de-activated every plugin, but have essentially the same problem on that version too! Except that on the local version, subscription products give me an error:

This site can’t provide a secure connection localhost sent an invalid response.

I've had a look in the 'network' section in dev tools, the subscription products are sending an XHR request called 'cart/', whereas the products that are working aren't. Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Is this a known bug? At a bit of a loss as to how to move forward!

  • Hopefully you made backups before updating! You said you updated WP and Woo, is there an update available for Subscriptions? – RiddleMeThis Nov 29 at 21:57
  • I would start by fixing the JS errors, if you view the console I see 2. The first is because you have an extra opening script tag (<script><script src=""></script>). – RiddleMeThis Nov 29 at 22:01

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