When inserting a core/paragraph block to the content, we can choose e.g. "bold", "add link" from the controls above the content:

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For my customer, I would like to add formatting buttons for <sup></sup> and <sub></sub>, in order to make it possible to write simple chemical or mathematical formulas, e.g. CO2 or m2.

I tried something like this, with a filter (taken from here):

const { createHigherOrderComponent } = wp.compose;
const { Fragment } = wp.element;
const { InspectorControls, BlockControls } = wp.editor;
const { PanelBody, Toolbar } = wp.components;

const withInspectorControls =  createHigherOrderComponent( ( BlockEdit ) => {
    return ( props ) => {
        return (
                    // what should I enter here?
                <BlockEdit { ...props } />
}, "withInspectorControl" );

wp.hooks.addFilter( 'editor.BlockEdit', 'my-plugin/with-inspector-controls', withInspectorControls );

a) how can I add the required buttons in the filtered <BlockControls>?

b) is this the right approach?

Update 2019-01-24

An official tutorial is now available here. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

  • The tutorial works. Unfortunately, the added button is in a dropdown at the end of the formatting toolbar. If there's an easy way to make it visible immediately, that would be terrific.
    – yitwail
    Jul 25, 2019 at 1:19

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An official tutorial to add custom buttons is now available here.


If I understand your requirements correctly, and assuming you haven't now discovered this already, this plugin might be helpful / provide you what you need:


If you want to build it yourself, then the source code for this plugin might also be instructive https://github.com/iseulde/advanced-rich-text-tools/blob/master/sub-sup.js and will demand you using the new (Gutenberg) Format API.

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