I have a datasheet in excel format. I'm using wpallimport plugin to import data into my blog. Basically my question is that how can I rename images when plugin upload them to my server when data is in horizontal rows mode in my sheet. Plugin can do this easily when the data is in vertical rows sort. It renames every single image with the data I provide for rename. Can any one please help me in this.

For ex: ( plugin work in this format data )

  A        B                               
1 Abc      http://image.com/image1.jpg              
2 Dog      http://image.com/image2.jpg     
3 Cat      http://image.com/image3.jpg          

Above sheet data works prefect and I get images on my server with the name I provide ex. bellow

http://image.com/Abc.jpg , http://image.com/Dog.jpg , http://image.com/Cat.jpg 

But I need all images in one post so I have to make sheet with horizontal rows mode and at this point rename image option in plugin does not work correctly, its not fetching each names for each image.

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