I want to write a plugin so that I can connect to it with an app bot, and store information inside the database.

Note that because I directly connect to php file inside this plugin, the public WordPress values like $wpdb are not known.

I can use only php code, and no ajax!

And how can i access to wp functions? such as get_option,...

thanks for your help.

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    And why do you want to create such file? Why not to create own REST API endpoints for example? – Krzysiek Dróżdż Nov 28 at 22:05
  • Having a PHP file inside a plugin that's loaded directly is a security risk, bad practice, and can cause issues. Use a REST API endpoint, or handle things on the init hook. There are lots of other alternatives, but don't do this – Tom J Nowell Nov 28 at 23:51
  • Thanks for your comments. I tried to use REST API, but I did not know how to save the data in the database. If you can get an example, thank you for your help. – Hamed B Nov 29 at 5:35

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