I have a lot of posts under category 'tution', which has custom field called 'video'. i need to update the 'video' value with same youtubeurl i.e all post would have the same value in the custom field 'video'. how should i proceed. Is their a query?


Use get_posts to get all the posts in this category, then loop over it and update the post meta for every post.

//get_posts uses same parameters as WP_Query hence using 'category_name'
$tut_posts = get_posts(array('category_name'=>'tution', 'post_status'=>'publish'));
$url = //some youtube video url here
    foreach($tut_posts as $tut_post){
        update_post_meta($tut_post->ID, 'video', $url);

Please check if this works for you.

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