I've been looking for a simple poll to place in articles where people can select an option and see results immediately without having to register, etc. I was sent this example from https://www.seventeen.com/celebrity/celebrity-couples/a20962512/kendall-jenner-ben-simmons-dating/ and I really like it.

I checked the page source and found a reference to Riddler, so I reached out to Riddle and it's not theirs (none of their stuff is what I want either). There was also reference to a polls JS app. I've pretty well versed in WordPress plugins, and I'm not finding anything quite like this. I've also poked around looking for non-WP solutions.

Anyone familiar with something like this or have an idea how it could be made?

PS, please forgive the content -- it's not my style at all lol.

Any help would be appreciated!

enter image description here

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