In my Woocommerce single product page, I have social share buttons that i would like to change the text, as well as each icon. For example, change the facebook from "share on facebook" to "share on fb", and change the icon to my own custom icon.

You can see the page here. here Below is a screenshot of the same page. There are icons in the footer, but i am only referring to the buttons above that, seen in screenshot.

  1. I am assuming i need to edit some woo theme files which is fine, can anyone tell me which?
  2. The icons use font awesome now - what woo theme files might i edit to set each to its own jpeg? (If i could do it with CSS, even better!)

I am using Avada theme.

enter image description here

  • First of all check the woocommerce file single-product .php in this you need to check from where the social media is coming – Pratik bhatt Nov 28 at 6:56
  • thank you, i will do that as soon as my client gives me access. thanks! – bluedimensional Nov 28 at 20:47
  • I have been told i should use hooks to do this, i am still trying to figure out how. If i didn't use hooks (and thus might have changes overwritten by theme / plugin updates) i still cannot find the place where the literal strings of text exist. I suppose i will still seek help at Avada theme's site although i know it is out of scope. – bluedimensional Nov 30 at 23:37

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