First time making a custom plugin so please go easy on me! I'm attempting to build a custom plugin with an admin panel. I have created the menu without too much trouble, but I'm now struggling to make the submenu work the way I want it to.

My plugin structure is like this:
- my-plugin
-- index.php
-- admin
--- submenu-page.php

My code looks as follows:

if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) exit; // Exit if accessed directly

add_action('admin_menu', 'my_menu_pages');
function my_menu_pages(){
    add_menu_page('WISE Admin', 'WISE Admin', 'manage_options', 'wise-menu', 'my_menu_output', 'dashicons-tickets', 2 );
    add_submenu_page('wise-menu', 'General Settings', 'General', 'manage_options', 'general-settings', 'general_settings' );
    remove_submenu_page('wise-menu', 'wise-menu');

function general_settings(){
    include(plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ).'admin/submenu-page.php');

Unfortunately, the page loads as a blank even if I simply echo 'Hello World'. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong?

  • in my_menu_pages function you remove your own sub menu. can you remove remove_submenu_page('wise-menu','wise-menu') and try again. also you can check – Serkan Algur Nov 27 at 23:04
  • @SerkanAlgur I have pored over that page many times but couldn't understand why my function wasn't working. I will try changing my code as you say but I added the 'remove_submenu_page' to only remove the first submenu item as it is a repeat of the parent menu item. – user1192309 Nov 28 at 11:07

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