I want to retrieve the content of a page via ajax. but i have a problem with get_permalink

    $id = 171; 
    $post = get_post($id); 
<a class="post-link" rel="" href="<?php echo get_permalink($id); ?>">

when I echo the permalink it gives me this address


If I click in the link it gives me a page not found. If I copy paste it in the url a page not found shows. I verify the guid in the database and is the same that permalink gives me. When I watch a page in the address bar in chrome only shows me https://mysite/mypage/

Other thing I had notice in the database is that the post id change every time the page content is edited, how I can search for the id of page if it always change?

  • I think the issue is permalink, go to settings and set the permalink to post name and save it Oct 19, 2021 at 6:30

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The answer lies in your question already...

When you use get_permalink for your post 171, it gets you


So, as you can see, this post is not a published post, but a revision of a post. Revisions are not public, so you can't see them...

So how to solve that?

You'll have to check the correct ID of a post you want to link to and replace 171 with that ID.

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