I Guys! I´ve spent the whole morning after this...

Some post images are not showing up on facebook if I try to share. But some are.

If I go to facebook and try to share: http://www.taiff.com.br/taiffmag/2018/11/22/ariane-ianicelli-a-beauty-artist-que-vai-te-inspirar/

Everything works fine.

BUT, if I try to share this other post: http://www.taiff.com.br/taiffmag/2018/11/08/4-penteados-taiff-curves/

The featured image doesnt shows up.

All og: tags are the same on both pages.

If I go to Facebook debugger, they identify both images.

The first one: enter image description here

The second one: enter image description here

I´ve searched SO and Google, but all answers are pointing to invalidate facebook cache (already did it). But that doesnt solved my problem.

Any other sugestion?

Thx a lot!

  • This is sometimes caching, try sharing with a query-param to bust the cache, ie: share: wordpress.stackexchange.com?1=1 instead of just wordpress.stackexchange.com & that could be enough to job facebook's memory & get the image to load. – admcfajn Nov 23 '18 at 17:25
  • :( nope... it doesnt work either... I´ve tried to share: taiff.com.br/taiffmag/2018/11/20/tirando-duvidas-cabelos-loiros/… but same results... no image for me... – smashing Nov 23 '18 at 17:37

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