This is an odd query I have and wondered if anybody can shed some light on it?

We have a number WordPress multi-site (formally Mu) install, but on nearly all the sites on multiple installs we are getting this script tag...

<script src='http://[parent-domain]/?dm=[random-string]&amp;action=load&amp;blogid=1&amp;siteid=1&amp;t=401255033&amp;back=[this-sites-domain' type='text/javascript'></script>

I was wondering if anybody knows what this is all about?



In Network Admin > Settings > Domain Mapping > Domain Options, uncheck Remote Login. That should also remove it.

In my case, the "script" just retrieves the home page (html), causing a script error and a lot of wasted resources on every page view. Similar complaints in Does Domain Mapping plugin insert javascript on headers?.


It is added by the Domain Mapping Plugin and i believe (i might be wrong) it is used to log users into all MU sites with a single login.

to remove it:

add_action('wp_loaded', 'remove_unwanted_js');
function remove_unwanted_js(){

    remove_action( 'wp_head', 'remote_login_js_loader' );


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